The True Origin of a Classic Movie Quote: Risky Lies


It’s not unusual for moments from the lives of actors, scriptwriters, and directors to end up on the big screen. One of the most memorable examples is a dialogue from the film “Risky Lies” in which the character Albert “Gib” Gibson, played by Tom Arnold, maintains with Harry, the character of Arnold Schwarzenegger: “What kind of sick bitch steals ice trays from the freezer?” This iconic dialogue has its origins in a real divorce.

The anecdote behind this famous line dates back to Tom Arnold’s divorce with Roseanne Barr, who supposedly took the ice trays from the freezer when he left the house. Arnold shared the anecdote with the director James Cameron during the filming of the film, and Cameron found the detail so humorous that he decided to incorporate it into the script of “Risky Lies.”

Years after the premiere of “Risky Lies,” the story of Arnold’s divorce brings this dialogue back to life with the arrival of a CBS television series based on the original film. In one episode of the series, Arnold, who plays a new character, Arnie Orwig, makes a new reference to the famous dialogue.

Action movie fans can now enjoy one of the best productions of the genre on Disney+ with “Risky Lies” featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger, one of his most successful films after “Terminator 2” and “The Last Great Hero.”

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