The Original Design of the Going Merry from One Piece


Luffy and his nakamas survived much of the Grand Line thanks to the Going Merry. In addition to the Straw Hat crew, the Going Merry has been a prominent protagonist in the pirates’ first steps along the Grand Line in One Piece. Despite its ‘death’ at the end of the Ennies Lobby arc, it has become a true flagship.

Everyone perfectly remembers the appearance of the ship in the anime, but the reality was very different. As can be seen in the official and colored version of Eiichiro Oda’s manga, the Going Merry had several initial aspects that changed as the plot progressed. For one thing, the ship was painted in a light brown and silver tone. Furthermore, the mythical ram that adorned the figurehead of the Going Merry had a less ‘cuckoo’ and more elongated appearance in its beginnings. All this, however, would change with the arrival of the anime.

Once Toei Animation got to work, the colors of the ship completely changed, as did the shape of the ram. Although on special occasions the latter varied in appearance, it maintained a better roundness to be more in line with the design of the ship. Regardless of its appearance, the Going Merry has been, is and will be one of the best companions that the nakamas have had throughout the entire series of One Piece.

The original design of the Going Merry was different from what was seen in the anime.

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