The One Piece manga: Fate of the pirates revamped


Eiichiro Oda marks a turning point in Egghead’s arc with the imposing arrival of two allies.

Notice: Spoilers for chapter 1106 of the One Piece manga

Eiichiro Oda does not slow down with One Piece. After a fairly relaxed chapter (within the madness that Egghead is being), the Japanese mangaka has brought out the arsenal with chapter 1106, where, in addition to seeing Luffy with more power than ever, we have also witnessed the arrival of two old friends to Egghead.

The chapter begins almost where the last one left off: Luffy seemed to be full of food and couldn’t walk, but his smile appeared and, seconds later, he returned to the battle with Gear 5. On the other hand, Bonney realizes something very important: Vegapunk added a feature to all Kuma clones that caused them to follow his daughter’s orders above all else, even the 5 Elders.

After responding forcefully to the Navy and the World Government, we see how Vegapunk suffers the consequences of this betrayal with Saturn piercing his chest. However, Bonney realizes something: his father’s stories were real, the Sun God Nika is real and is before his eyes.

Now all that remains is to know who were the allies who destroyed the ship; and to everyone’s surprise, they were two old friends of the Mugiwara: Brogy y Dorry. The giants of Elbaf who met the pirates more than a thousand chapters ago have arrived at Egghead with a clear objective, to save their friends from the clutches of the Navy and, after a long time of waiting, reach the island of the giants to meet all the truth. However, we will have to wait two weeks due to the author’s rest.

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