The Nightmare of a Harry Potter Actor Post-Saga


Neville Longbottom plays a key role in the Harry Potter saga, despite not being one of the leading actors. Whether it was his five points that gave Griffindor victory in the House Cup, his moment with the Remembrancer when he forgot his robe, or Snape’s boggart dressed as his grandmother, the skittish student won a place in hearts of the potterheads.

When the saga ended, many actors found themselves in complicated situations, and making a 180-degree turn while still so young is very complicated. One such case is Matthew Lewis, who portrayed Neville Longbottom. At the MegaCon in Orlando (Florida), the actor participated as a guest in a presentation, where he talked about his life and his first role after the saga, which he described as a nightmare for him.

Despite the failure, Matthew Lewis gave himself another theatrical opportunity. Several actors from the saga tried to enter the world of theater, and one of them encouraged him to take that role. Lewis mentioned, “When this play came up, I thought: ‘Yes Okay, I’ll do it. Alan Rickman said I should do it. So I’m going to do it. I dealt with it like I always have, and it was terrible. I was terrible. The reviews were terrible.'” Seeing the criticism, he exploded but was then encouraged by the director, who gave him acting and staging classes. As a result, Lewis once again felt a passion for acting and appeared in “Our Boys” and “Unfaithful.”

The frustration became motivation for Lewis, and the director’s training sessions helped him rejuvenate his love for acting. This sad story ended with a happy ending, as he found himself back on stage again.

In conclusion, despite the initial setback, Matthew Lewis was able to revive his acting career and find joy in performing once more.

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