The Mummy Demastered: Action-Packed Metroidvania Adventure


“The Mummy Demastered: A Surprisingly Good Game Based on a Not-so-Great Movie”

Back in 2017, a unique game titled “The Mummy Demastered” hit the shelves, developed by the talented team at WayForward. This game was based on the 2017 movie “The Mummy” starring Tom Cruise, which, despite its grand ambitions, fell short of launching a new cinematic universe centered around the iconic monsters of Universal Studios. Though the movie didn’t soar to expected heights, the associated game emerged as an unexpected gem. Unlike many recent film-based games, “The Mummy Demastered” wowed players with its excellent quality—a remarkable feat, as it managed to surpass the movie it was inspired by. It stood out with its action-packed metroidvania-style gameplay, complete with enormous bosses, and presented a refreshing, lighter twist to the genre.

Diving into the gameplay of “The Mummy Demastered,” players won’t be hit with a revolutionary storyline. Instead, they’ll find themselves embodying an elite soldier from a secretive organization called Prodigy. They are tasked with taking down Princess Ahmanet, an awakened ancient evil bent on unleashing chaos. It’s your job to stop her and save humanity. The game instantly grabs your attention and drags you through various scenes filled with perilous enemies, challenging platforming, and grandiose boss battles—all beautifully rendered in pixel art that will make any retro gaming fan’s heart sing.

The developer studio, WayForward, is no stranger to crafting quality entertainment. With over thirty years in the gaming industry, they have become synonymous with fun and consistency. Their portfolio boasts acclaimed series such as “Shantae” and “Mighty Switch Force!”, but they don’t stop at original creations. WayForward has gained significant trust in the industry for their work on commissioned projects for big names, including hits like “DuckTales: Remastered,” “Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp,” “River City Girls,” “Double Dragon Neon,” “A Boy and His Blob,” “Aliens: Infestation,” and of course, “The Mummy Demastered.”

“The Mummy Demastered” is a metroidvania game that takes a straightforward approach to design, similar to titles in the “Shantae” series. Backtracking, a common aspect of the genre, is mostly optional here, as the game encourages continuous forward progression. The action sequences are tightly executed, and platforming elements are spot-on. The spectacular final bosses are just the cherry on top. However, there is a catch that might not sit well with everyone: the resurrection combat system.

When the issue of resurrection in the game comes up, it’s worth noting that it can potentially make “The Mummy Demastered” quite difficult to proceed, and even unplayable for some. The crux of the matter is when your character dies, you will respawn at the last checkpoint visited—with only a basic weapon and base health—while everything you’ve collected remains with your fallen soldier’s specter. To reclaim your gear, you must defeat your own specter. The added twist? Each death adds another ghost to the mix. This mechanic, which starts off intriguing, can become frustratingly difficult later in the game, especially if you haven’t activated a nearby checkpoint.

Despite these challenges, the game does offer a vast arsenal for players to enjoy—machine guns, shotguns, rocket launchers, and grenades, just to name a few. Each weapon comes with its strengths and ammunition considerations. As you progress, you’ll gather various upgrades to boost your abilities, and classic metroidvania backtracking lets you explore previously inaccessible areas. A word of caution, though: be meticulous with checkpoint management to avoid the potential pitfalls of the resurrection system.

If you’re considering giving “The Mummy Demastered” a try, here are five compelling reasons to play:

1. An accessible and straightforward approach within the metroidvania genre.
2. A finely-tuned difficulty curve (but watch out for the resurrection system).
3. Impressively large final bosses.
4. Non-stop action with solid gameplay.
5. A perfect length for those with limited time or who like to juggle long games.

Curious about where to find “The Mummy Demastered”? The game is available on several platforms. And if you’re on the hunt for more expert recommendations like this one, look out for other suggestions from the Meristation community. Happy gaming!

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