The Most Intense Far Cry 3 Mission Experience


One of the most iconic moments of the Far Cry franchise was burning a marijuana field and the great song in the background helped make it a legend

The year was 2012. On November 28, one of Ubisoft’s most beloved video games was released: Far Cry 3, a favorite of the franchise and an icon in the video game industry for giving us one of the best villains in history: Vaas Montenegro. He set the bar very high, especially with his speech about madness, and forced the developers to try to outdo themselves (unsuccessfully) with Pagan Min, Josepth Seed and Anton Castillo, turning to Giancarlo Esposito himself.

There is not much debate that Vaas Montenegro is the highlight of Far Cry 3, so much so that it had a dedicated DLC in Far Cry 6 alongside Min and Seed. In it, we explore his past and motivations through his twisted mind. Although we managed to humanize him, we must not lose sight of the fact that he was a murderer, maniac and a little sadistic.

If you haven’t played Far Cry 3, hold on tight guys because you are about to discover something very crazy. For the rest of the players who played at some point since 2012, get ready for a real “Memory Unlocked” and a reunion with a great song that captivated us.

Marijuana, fire and dubstep!

The name of the thirteenth mission of Far Cry 3, A Wasp’s Nest, managed to surprise all of us who arrived on November 28 without eating spoilers and leaks. Not even in our wildest dreams would we have imagined the scenario that awaited us until we reached the objective marked on the HUD. Wasps? Well no, but I was going for the nature thing.

I remember perfectly what my arrival was like during my first game on PlayStation 3. I left the SUV at a safe distance from the area and approached quietly with my bow at the ready. I went up a hill and when I reached the highest area I saw the last thing I expected to see in a video game: a huge plantation of Marijuana plants. In other words: potential drug.

The mission’s directive was clear: “Burn all drug crops in the area.” We all had a nice flamethrower with a fully loaded fuel tank. Furthermore, the plantation was conveniently supplied with fuel for our hell weapon. Although the best was yet to come…

When you launched the first flare, a song would start playing in the background: Make It Bun Dem by Skrillex & Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley. It premiered on May 1, 2012 and was a sensation even before the release of Far Cry 3. It falls within the Reggaestep genre (Reggae and Dubstep) and Ubisoft couldn’t have chosen a better one for a mission based on burning marijuana fields.

It is important to put both the song and the mission of Far Cry 3. It’s obvious that it doesn’t have the same impact today as it did back then, when dubstep music was hitting hard and the franchise hadn’t gotten out of Ubisoft’s hands. Just take a look at Far Cry 6 to see when it’s gotten worse, from the absurd size of its map to the pace of the game itself.

The mission has become an icon of the video game industry and is one of the reasons why Far Cry 3 He is remembered with so much affection. On the other hand, the song Make It Burn Them was playing on loop for days, weeks and months in thousands of heads and music players. In fact, the topic is precisely remembered for this mission. And it is a fact that Far Cry has never had another one so iconic and outstanding.

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