The Mandalorian vs George Lucas: Buy a Piece of Star Wars Skeleton


The Krayt Dragon is a creature native to Tatooine that is part of the saga canon by chance.

There are dozens of images etched in the retina of fans of Star Wars, especially A New Hope. George Lucas’s original film introduced us to a universe full of possibilities with aliens, robots, monsters and lightsaber duels. Because of this, no one could be surprised to see C-3PO walking through the endless Tatooine desert and that he had at his side the skeleton of a strange creature.

That enormous spine and its corresponding skull suggested that a terrifying being was wandering among the dunes, but we never got to see it on movie screens. It did not happen in 1977 and it was not until the premiere of the second season of The Mandalorian when we were able to enjoy the appearance of the Krayt Dragon in all its splendor.

A very tough battle in which the bounty hunter faced the species that has ten legs, a size close to 100 meters long, ability to move under sand and even spit out corrosive acid. All this without mentioning its enormous claws and the hardness of its skin, so it was a long-suffering fight that was resolved with explosives.

Krayt’s appearances are really few, since 2001 was not spent in Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds for PC when a live specimen appeared. Later, in the legendary Star Wars: Bounty Hunter of 2002, Jango Fett killed one of them, which acted as a pet guardian of Gardulla the Hutt, Anakin Skywalker’s former owner and his mother before the events of The Phantom Menace. We had to wait until 2014 for Disney to include the Krayts in Star Wars: Commander for mobile devices and finally finishing with the chapter in which Din Djarin hunts him down.

Ralph McQuarrie, conceptual artist of Star Wars, he imagined such a creature among his first sketches and it was already truly terrifying. The sand marauders, better known as tusken, lived in fear of encountering one, but they believed that His bones were imbued with truly powerful magic. That quality was not the only one that made them potential prey, but also because of the pearls that their bodies contained, whose value was really important.

We do not know how exactly the specimen that appears in died. A new hope, but it is known that the film crew simply left it lying there for years. The first film in the franchise was filmed, largely, in the countryside of Tunisia and many of the sets, such as Luke Skywalker’s house, are still standing to be visited. Among all the abandoned material was Krayt’s skeleton.

This is a fiberglass model that represented a diplodocus for the movie We have lost a dinosaur 1975. Its appearance was completely coincidental, since it was included among the rest of the material because there was space in the plane that carried all the pieces. The most curious thing of all is that any of us can get a little piece of history, since there are several companies that are dedicated to sell tiny pieces of the skeleton.

Mini Museum has access to the object and can be obtained in a 4.5 inch x 3.5 inch box with a glass that protects the acrylic jar where the piece is located. Of course, it barely covers a surface of 5 mm x 5 mm, so you have to open your eyes wide to be able to appreciate it properly. The color can vary from almost pure white to gray or even finding parts with brown tones, which are product of exposure to sand and sun.

Although it is not possible to obtain a unit at this time, the price to get yours is $29 and it comes accompanied by a card with information that functions as a certificate of authenticity. What’s more, you may even find traces of dust and sand from the Tunisian desert, which adds even more realism. The other option is to go to The Space Collective and get one for 42 euros, a little more expensive, but currently in stock. Of course, a really special memory with which to show off in front of friends.

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