The Last of Us S2: Acclaimed Directors from GOT & Succession


**Welcome to the Exciting World of ‘The Last of Us’ Season 2**

Fans of nail-biting post-apocalyptic drama, rejoice! The HBO series ‘The Last of Us,’ which brings the gripping story from the popular Naughty Dog PlayStation game to life, is poised to dive into its second season. Recently, the buzz around the production has been undeniable, stirring up excitement among eager viewers.

**A Sneak Peek That Promises More Thrills**

Not too long ago, we were treated to the very first image from the new season’s filming, hyping up the series’ return. But that’s not where the good news ends! The latest development is the addition of a fresh face to the directing team, none other than the talented Mark Mylod.

**Mark Mylod: A Stellar Addition to the Crew**

Mark Mylod isn’t just any director. He’s a seasoned professional known for his directorial prowess in some of the most highly acclaimed television series, like the epic ‘Game of Thrones’ and the intense drama ‘Succession.’ His expertise is nothing short of a luxury for ‘The Last of Us,’ and he isn’t the only high-profile recruit for the upcoming season. In an exclusive reveal by Deadline, the series has also brought on board the likes of Stephen Williams, known for ‘Watchmen’; Nina Lopez-Corrado with her credits from ‘The Mentalist’; and Kate Herron who directed ‘Loki.’

**A Remastered Adventure Awaits on PS5**

While speculations continue on how closely the second season will follow the game’s storyline, fans have an opportunity to relive or discover the adventure in its best form yet. Remastered with enhanced graphics and new features, ‘The Last of Us Part 2’ is now available on PS5, ready to immerse players in a visually stunning and emotionally charged journey. Check out this link for all the details you need on what the remastered version has in store.

In conclusion, with a strong lineup of directors and a remastered game to get lost in all over again, ‘The Last of Us’ Season 2 is lining up to be a riveting continuation of the beloved series. Keep an eye out for more updates as we edge closer to its highly anticipated release.

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