The Last of Us Part 2 Origin Inspired by Bloodborne


It is seen that The Last of Us Part 2 was, in its origins, an “open world inspired by Bloodborne.” Its creators share these and other details of the game in the new part of the documentary focused on its development.

Naughty Dog had a busy weekend, as after The Last of Us Part 1 and The Last of Us Part 2 on PS4 and PS5, they released The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered with updates; although Ellie’s game had a different start.

The developer at PlayStation Studios premiered the documentary ‘Grounded II’ where they talked about the origins of the sequel and also hinted at the future The Last of Us 3 down the line.

In the video, they discussed the origins of The Last of Us Part 2 and how at one point it was intended to be an open world game inspired by Bloodborne.

Through Grounded II, the development team commented that their original intention for the sequel was to make it “as different as humanly possible” from the first game.

In the first 4-5 months, the game was a sort of open world inspired by Bloodborne. It was focused exclusively on melee combat,” explained Anthony Newman as co-director of the game.

It wasn’t just the melee combat, we also looked at the design structure,” said the game’s lead designer, Emilia Schatz.

The background fungus wasn’t planned in Part II

It was then that Schatz continued to say: “Bloodborne had a very open space that got bigger and bigger as you explored it. I really like that feeling of being able to master the world.

It almost becomes a character of the game itself. And that’s something we were also exploring,” but everything changes, gets modified and even removed as the development progresses.

It was then that Schatz said that the team discovered that the open world structure didn’t fit with the story of the game and they decided to back out.

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We started by making it as different as possible from the first game and then we toned it down. The open world didn’t fit with the story we wanted to tell,” she concluded.

The main values of this remaster are the No Return mode, which highlights (even more) how brilliant its gameplay is, and all the light that the extras shed on the development of a work of this magnitude,” we said in the analysis of The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered.

What would have happened if The Last of Us Part 2 had been a game fully influenced by Bloodborne in its open world? Would its gameplay have been different?

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