The Fate of the GS Ball: Pokémon’s Mysterious Mystery Ball


The GS Ball: An object that was going to be very relevant in the anime series and was forgotten

Within the Pokémon universe, there are hundreds of different objects, some more important than others, but it is undeniable that the most relevant are all those that have to do with the Poké Balls. These gadgets are essential to be able to capture wild Pokémon or to take them out to battle against other creatures and trainers.

Originally, there were normal Poké Balls along with others with greater effectiveness, such as the Super Ball, Ultra Ball, and the best of all, the Master Ball. Over time, many more have been added, such as the Honor Ball, the Speed Ball, or the Malla Ball, among others, and even in the Pokémon Horizons series, some extremely rare models have been presented that it would even be nice to see one day in some video game.

Even so, there is a much more special one compared to all the previous ones that had a great role in the games and especially in the anime series, but from one day to the next it fell into oblivion. The mysterious GS Ball and the reason why it was decided to disappear completely has its explanation.

The relevance of the GS Ball in video games

The first and only time we saw the GS Ball in video games was in Pokémon Crystal, the definitive edition of Pokémon Gold and Silver. It was not an object that could be obtained by a normal method, since it did not exist in the internal files. The only way to unlock it was by going to a special event held by Nintendo in many cities around the world. Once you had obtained the GS Ball, you had to visit Azalea Town and talk to César, who asked the player to give him this very special Poké Ball so that he could study it for a day. When he returned the next day, he explained what it was for, telling the players that they should go to the Encinar. Once there, the forest became different with the trees moving. The specific place that had to be reached was the altar designed to pay tribute to the guardian of the forest, more than anything because when inserting the GS Ball into the hole, it had caused the appearance of Celebi, one of the rarest unique Pokémon in the franchise. That’s when a fight began to try to capture him and thus get hold of him.

The relevance of the GS Ball in the anime series

The first time mention was made of her was in the chapter “Panic at Paleta’s party”. In this episode, Professor Oak met with Ash to entrust him with the mission to travel to Valencia Island, where a colleague of his, Professor Ivy, had kept the GS Ball. In turn, this task served as an excuse for the protagonists to travel to the Orange Islands, where Ash would later capture powerful Pokémon and where he would end up becoming champion of the Orange League. After dozens of chapters and being victorious in the Orange League, Ash returns to Pallet Town to deliver the GS Ball to Professor Oak. However, no matter how much he tries all kinds of methods, he is also unable to open it. The only thing that occurs to him is to take her to César, a Poké Ball artisan residing in Azalea Town, in the Johto region. Once again it serves as an excuse to start Ash and company’s next trip to this region, which, in turn, was the setting used in the editions Gold and Silver. Much later, in the chapter “Cultivating Bonguri”, the group finally arrives at the place where César lives. Unfortunately for everyone, he also doesn’t know the method of opening it or finding out what it hides, which doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to keep trying and that’s why he asks Ash to lend it to him for some time to thoroughly examine it. The history of the GS Ball is over forever, because never appeared in the series again nor was any type of mention made of it or its content.

Why the GS Ball disappeared

Many years after all these events, Masamitsu Hidaka, one of the directors and screenwriters, had no choice but to go on stage to reveal in an interview that in reality, the original idea was for the GS Ball to reappear at some point in the anime series. Instead, in the end, it was decided that Celebi would be one of the main Pokémon of Pokémon 4Ever, the fourth film in the saga, so in the end the creators did not see the point in this rare Pokémon appearing twice with such relevant importance. For all this, the GS Ball ended up disappearing forever. After more than 20 years, we continue to remember this mysterious Poké Ball, which of course was a shame that it disappeared.

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