The Fate of ‘ALF’s’ Main Characters Revealed


Ah, “ALF!” If you’re a fan of nostalgic television, you certainly remember that lovable, wisecracking alien who crash-landed into the Tanner family’s garage and into our hearts in the late ’80s. ALF, which stands for Alien Life Form, was the furry focal point of the sitcom that aired from 1986 to 1990. Its unique blend of humor, family dynamics, and, of course, that puppet from outer space, garnered a dedicated fanbase. Since the show’s conclusion over three decades ago, many fans have wondered where the cast members ended up after their interstellar journey with the adorable extraterrestrial. Let’s catch up with the Tanner family and their otherworldly tenant.

Max Wright, who played the long-suffering Willie Tanner, was not just known for “ALF.” After the series ended, he appeared in a variety of shows but faced some personal difficulties. Challenges like a 2000 cancer diagnosis and some tabloid controversies inevitably clouded his post-“ALF” career. However, he also had prominent roles in shows like “Norm” and “The Norm Show” from 1999 to 2001. Unfortunately, in 2019, Max Wright passed away after a long battle with cancer.

Anne Schedeen, the actress behind the ever-patient Kate Tanner, shifted her focus post-“ALF.” Once the sitcom ended, she chose to take a step back from acting, making select appearances on television in episodes of “Judging Amy” and “ER.” Her main passion, however, became antique art, a field that she dived into with gusto. The shift allowed her to engage with a new community outside of showbiz.

As for the Tanner children, they’ve both taken different paths after leaving their alien sibling behind. Andrea Elson, who portrayed teenage daughter Lynn Tanner, kept up with acting for a short while after “ALF,” guest-starring in shows like “Married with Children” and “Mad About You.” Eventually, though, she retired from acting and became involved in the yoga community, where she has dedicated her life to physical and spiritual well-being.

Benji Gregory, the adorable youngster who played Brian Tanner, joined the United States Navy after a handful of post-“ALF” roles. His time in the entertainment industry concluded when he decided to serve his country, which marked a significant change in direction from his child acting days.

Now, let’s not forget about the puppeteers and voice actors who brought ALF to life. The main man behind ALF was Paul Fusco, who not only provided the voice for our favorite Melmacian but was also a creator and puppeteer for the show. Post-“ALF,” Fusco continued to work in entertainment, albeit behind the camera, producing content and still performing as ALF on various occasions.

The suit performer for ALF was Michu Meszaros when full-body shots were necessary. Standing at 33 inches tall, Meszaros was once billed as the “smallest man in the world.” After “ALF,” he continued to take part in the occasional acting role and made personal appearances before his passing in 2016.

And that’s the scoop on the main players from “ALF.” From television screens to pursuits off the beaten path, the cast members have taken diverse turns in their careers and lives since. The show, with its unique premise and unforgettable characters, undoubtedly left an enduring impact – not just on its viewers, but on the actors who brought the Tanner household to life. Whether it’s battling personal challenges, embarking on new professions, or exploring artistic passions, the stars of “ALF” have continued their journeys far beyond the final credits. They’ve served as reminders that life, much like a surprise visit from a fuzzy alien, can take you in the most unexpected directions.

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