The Day Magic’s Parents Sent Pinkerton Agents


Big companies take leaks very seriously, and this extends beyond the world of video games. Any company preparing to launch a new product spends hours on communication and marketing plans to manage the expectations of the community and encourage the purchase of the new product. Therefore, it’s no surprise that leaks lead to forceful measures, which can often cause a negative reaction from users.

In the internet era, tracing the specific origin of a leak is nearly impossible, but companies have made decisive decisions to punish those responsible for disclosure. This has resulted in employees being laid off for sharing sensitive information, and in more serious cases, legal action has been taken. There have even been instances where companies have sent security forces to an individual’s home, as was the case with Wizards of the Coast when a player had early access to a card set that debuted in May of last year.

Wizards of the Coast contacted Pinkerton, a private security agency, to investigate the situation. This agency, known for its controversial history and violent strikes, was used in this case to recover the leaked material from the player’s home.

Weeks before the release of the new set, a player posted a video on YouTube showing the opening of one of the 22 boxes they had bought, which contained secret information about the product. Shortly after, the Pinkertons arrived at the player’s home to recover the leaked material.

The company confirmed the incident and thanked the individual for their cooperation, but the community reacted negatively to Wizards of the Coast’s actions. Many recommended taking legal action to address the problem, but there has been no further detail on the matter. It is clear that leaks are taken very seriously by Wizards of the Coast.

Overall, leaks are a serious matter for companies, and the measures taken by such companies to address leaks can often lead to negative reactions from the community. This incident, involving the Pinkertons and an innocent player, is just one example of the extreme measures companies are willing to take to prevent leaks.

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