The Dandadan anime release date moves closer


Science Saru hopes to surprise the world again with their new anime, Dandadan, following the success of Scott Pilgrim. One of the most highly anticipated releases in the anime industry this year is the adaptation of Taste. After its success in Shonen Jump, the series is set to debut on streaming platforms in October 2024.

Taste tells the story of Momo, a young student who believes in ghosts but not in aliens, and Okarun, who believes in UFOs but not in ghosts. The series follows their adventures as they try to convince each other that they are right, showcasing paranormal events and encounters with UFOs.

Science Saru aims to offer a visual spectacle with creatures of all kinds in Taste, following their previous success with Scott Pilgrim. The anime is already generating buzz and is a strong contender to become the best anime of 2024.

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