The Best Idea in RPG: Enshrouded’s “Undo” Button


Although it was forced to compete against a giant, it managed to become one of the most successful games at the beginning of the year. Enshrouded still remains on the most played list of Steam and he does it on his own merits. Even in this Early Access version it is a very interesting game that offers us a mix of RPG, survival and construction. A title made with great attention to detail, as demonstrated by a small mechanic that I have barely seen highlighted and that has ‘changed my life’ when playing. I’m referring to the ability to undo your last action when you’re building. Come on, a “control + z” within the video game.

Now I need all games to have an undo button

Many survival kits include options for rectifying your latest construction actions. For example in Valheim we can remove newly placed walls or floors to recover all the materials. Palworld, citing a more recent example, has a similar system that allows us to solve some bugs. However, Enshrouded system is objectively superior. Since the undo function is one that we use so often when we are in front of a computer, it seems almost unnecessary to explain why. However, there are many very interesting things to tell.

How exactly does it work? The game ‘remembers’ the state of the terrain in the instant before each construction action, creating a queue of up to five elements that for convenience we will call save files. By pressing a key (Y on keyboard, B on Xbox controller and Circle on PlayStation controller) we immediately go back to the previous save file. The easy to understand summary is that it is a “control + z” that you can use up to five times.

The undo function allows us to quickly fix some errors that are not so easy to solve in other games. Everyone knows how to knock down a wall when they have placed it wrong, but it is not so easy to fix a problem when you have used the wrong tools. terraforming tools. In this sense, the Enshrouded system is tremendously convenient. It is not exactly a revolution, since construction and management games like Factorio They include similar functions and there are even mods for Minecraft They have been adding this function for years. However, I had never seen it applied ‘base’ in a game of these characteristics.

The truth is that I would like all games to take note. However, there could be several reasons why this mechanic is present in Enshrouded and not other survival games. It must be taken into account that the title of Keen Games manages the construction in a very particular way, since it only allows us to use the most important tools around our base. It is also in this area that we can only use the aforementioned undo function. Both ideas could be closely related to each other.

Although it is not an official explanation, it is very likely that this mechanic is present in Enshrouded thanks to the limitations that the video game imposes on the construction mechanics. Building is limited to a specific area so the game only has to create “save files” of that specific area. In addition, once the zones are established, they are always in the same place, so they are easier to program. This is what developers know as a ‘trade off’ and it could basically be translated as “I gain a little here and lose a little there.”

With its first major update now available, the truth is that Enshrouded is a very interesting game. It’s not perfect and there are certain elements that remind us that it is still in Early Access. However, it has plenty of potential enough to become something very, very good when the final release arrives.

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