Tekken 8 Update 1.01.04: Patch Notes and Changes


Bandai Namco announces that Tekken 8 has already updated to version 1.01.04 on all platforms, with changes to some characters.

Tekken 8 is now available on PC, Steam Deck, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S, so Bandai Namco has released the update to version 1.01.04 that is already available on all platforms.

Through Twitter, the official game account tweeted announcing the same and confirming a balance adjustment between fighters; that is, nerfs to various characters in particular.

The 1.01.04 patch of Tekken 8 is here, fighters! This patch will have its impact on the following modes and features due to adjustments in the gameplay of some characters,” it reads on their website.

Be very careful because applying the update data will affect these modes and features due to the changes introduced in the characters: Downloading replays and the battles against ghosts, and online mode.

All of this saved data will become unusable after the new version of the game, “but the behavior and movements of the characters will be updated with the balance changes.”

The servers were disconnected while the update was released, but it has now finished and everything is back to normal.

Tekken 8 is updated on PC and consoles

Patch notes 1.01.04

  • Common changes – Special style: Fixed the issue where the start of certain movements was delayed by 1 frame when storing a specific attack input while recovering.
  • Balcony break: Due to an issue where using a specific movement caused the balcony to break and characters exited the combat area, collision detection adjustments have been made.
  • Alisa (Bug fix): In Practice mode, the problem has been corrected where frame advantage was not displayed accurately. Originally, it showed +8 frames on block, but the correct value is +5 frames on block.
  • Devil Jin (Nerf)
  • Dragunov (Nerf)
  • Jack-8 (Bug fix): Fixed an issue where the opponent could not perform a back ukemi after an aerial hit.
  • Jun (Bug fix)
  • Leo (Nerf)
  • Leroy (Nerf)
  • Lili (Buff)
  • Nina (Nerf)
  • Raven (Buff)
  • Reina (Nerf)
  • Steve (Bug fix)
  • Yoshimitsu (Bug fix)

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On the Bandai Namco official website, you can see the complete notes in the image they have provided, in order to check exactly which movements have changed.

But in essence, balance adjustments have been made, the behavior and properties of the movements of some characters have been adjusted, and other game-related error corrections have been made.

For anyone who hasn’t played in a few days, before doing so, they will have to update Tekken 8 to version 1.01.04 and add all these changes to Bandai Namco’s fighting game.

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