Switch 2’s Retrocompatibility Testing Confirmed by Insider


It seems that Nintendo may already be testing the retrocompatibility of Switch 2 with some of its partners, although this information comes from a well-known insider.

Nintendo has a tough mission with Switch, especially after its latest fiscal report. But it seems that the alleged retrocompatibility of the console is already being tested with brand partners.

Fans of the company worldwide have their eyes set on 2024, in case the official announcement is made in March 2024, and if they decide to repeat the move with Nintendo Switch Pro or Switch 2.

It is clear that these remaining 11 months of the year are crucial to know the next-generation console by Nintendo, but little is known about the hardware despite being on everyone’s lips.

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Although rumors and supposed leaks about the machine sometimes emerge, a recent one claims that Nintendo partners are already actively testing the retrocompatibility of Switch 2; name to be confirmed.

This feature is one of the most requested currently, something that can be enjoyed in the PS5 with PS4 games and on a much larger scale thanks to the efforts of Microsoft with Xbox Series X|S, where Xbox 360 and Xbox One games are played.

For most players, it is the perfect way to start playing with a new console. This allows them to enjoy previous games without any problems and guarantees that they will be able to play without any kind of commitment.

That’s why the information from the well-known insider NateTheHate on ResetEra is worth considering, as it aligns with what we already know and gives wings to the idea of this feature for Nintendo Switch 2.

Will we finally see the retrocompatibility of Switch 2?

NateTheHate claims that “retrocompatibility is present in partners and the tests are underway. The biggest question seems to be the scope that these improvements may have,” it is mentioned.

This has been commented on again by the insider following a post in those forums by a new rumor, where the digital and physical retrocompatibility in the successor of Switch is discussed.

But as Nate says, what we don’t know seems to be the scope of all this. It is still unknown whether a game from Switch on Switch 2 would have technical improvements or graphical updates.

Right now, we only know through this insider that several Nintendo partners are already testing the retrocompatibility of Switch 2.

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