Survival Horror Game Price Increased by Less than Three Euros – Accusations of Greed


David Szymanski has explained the reasons that have led him to increase the cost of acquiring his work.

One of the stellar appearances of the survival horror genre has been Iron Lung, the title created by independent developer David Szymanski alone. From release on steam in 2022, the work has garnered very positive reviews and has earned the respect of the community.

Now, its author has made the decision to increase the price of his work, so that from its initial cost of 4.99 euros it becomes worth 7.79 euros on the Valve platform. That is, we are talking about a increase of 2.80 euros but a few users are not at all happy with this review.

That is why Szymanski himself has published a thread of messages on Twitter where he has expanded at ease offering his point of view. He himself explains that want to earn more money since that is what their job consists of, and it does not force anyone to go through the cash register to get the title.

He said, “Since people keep trying to screw me over this… once again, the price of Iron Lung has gone up because the game is worth eight dollars, so I want to charge eight dollars, because I want to make more money. If you don’t agree with this price, I don’t want your money. Go hack it or something. Yeah, no shit, I make games for a living. If I didn’t want to make money from them I wouldn’t charge money for them.”

“I like the business model of “I want money, so I do something that I think is worth money, and you pay me that money and get that thing, and everyone is happy.” And that’s it. There is nothing complicated or hidden here.”

“If you think the things I do aren’t worth the money I charge, that’s okay. Don’t buy them, or wait for a sale, or sneak around and get them for free or whatever, and tell me so I can adjust the prices on the next thing I post. This will be the last I have to say about the Iron Lung price change. I don’t expect to make any price adjustments in the future, so I hope I don’t have to talk about this again.”

It seems that it is difficult to fault Szymanski’s motivations, since he only wants to make a little more money to be able to continue living from his profession as a developer. On the other hand also has clarified that “after Valve’s reduction and taxes, I usually calculate that half the sale price is for me”.

Furthermore, the person responsible for Iron Lung has indicated that “I honestly think that the fact that indie games move into the $10 range benefits everyone.” Also, has taken advantage the occasion to emphasize that “if we compare the prices of independent games with those of many other things, they seem ridiculously low.

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