Survival game Soulmask will test your limits for 40 hours


Soulmask has a plan to keep you from trying any other demo at Steam Next Fest: claim all your gaming hours

February 1, 2024, 7:15 p.m.
Updated February 2, 2024, 10:22

There are games that are a total unknown until the day they are released and others that are waited for an eternity and then last a little more than a breath. Soulmask is neither of the two things, and we state it clearly: its creators have released a demo that lasts no less than 40 hours. Double and up to four times more than complete games. Is it worth playing a demo so much?

Soulmask is defined as a survival sandbox, and although it seems like the umpteenth fantasy game with elements taken here and there from The Legend of Zelda saga, the rawness with which its open world treats us ends up being its hallmark. Not only will we face creatures ranging from crocodiles to turtles, but we will also have to find shelter (roof, walls and a good campfire with details that make the difference) and food.

In addition to territories set in wild landscapes designed to get us lost, Soulmask has areas where we will come across imposing ruins, enormous caverns illuminated by lava, mountainous areas – but not at all uninhabited – and beaches where there will be no time to acquire color for the summer. Many interesting places to build a small shelter and little by little turn it into a home.

In addition to enemies in Soulmask, we will be given the possibility of leading our own tribe, promising an intelligence system that will enable them with simple but flexible functions that range from the collection and production of resources and materials to surveillance tasks for what will be our settlement.

We started 2024 very strong with an Enshrouded (in Early Access) that gave a special push to survival experiences on PC and now we come across another game that aims to become our next obsession. Or, at the very least, having two whole days doing a lot and everything in the wild. In any case, and in the absence of having a definitive date, we know that the launch of Soulmask is planned for this year. What’s more, if the 40 hours of its demo go by in a flash, it is now possible to add it to the wish list.

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