Superman & Atomic Skull Action Figures with Flame Base


Get ready, comic book fans and moviegoers alike, because a new chapter in the grand saga of Superman is soaring into movie theaters next year. James Gunn, a renowned name in superhero filmmaking, is rebooting the Man of Steel with “Superman Legacy.” This movie is set to be the cornerstone of a rejuvenated shared universe for the DC brand, following the not-so-successful attempt of the DCEU.

This fresh start, which places Iron Man in a pivotal role, draws inspiration directly from the pages of DC Comics—a move that’s bound to thrill die-hard fans. To give us a taste of what’s coming, McFarlane Toys, in collaboration with Bandai Collector, has unveiled an action figure set that features a reborn Superman alongside his formidable foe, Atomic Skull. These intricately crafted figures are already available on Bandai Collector’s official website, and they provide an exciting glimpse into the potential future of the DC cinematic universe.

When we talk about Superman, we’re discussing one of the most beloved and instantly recognizable characters in comic book history. His origin story echoes through popular culture: a baby from the doomed planet Krypton, Kal-El was rocketed away to safety by his parents, Jor-El and Lara Lor-Van. The spaceship carrying Kal-El landed in the fictional town of Smallville, USA, where he was found and adopted by the kind Jonathan and Martha Kent. Named Clark Kent by his earthly parents, he soon discovered his extraordinary abilities. With the guidance of his parents, he decided to use his powers for the greater good, and Superman—the Man of Steel—was born. His power set includes superhuman strength, flight, super speed, invulnerable skin, heat vision, and frosty breath. However, even a superhero as formidable as Superman has a weakness: Kryptonite, a green crystalline mineral whose radiation can nullify his powers and even prove fatal to Kryptonians.

On the other side of this superhero tale is Atomic Skull, the antagonist in the McFarlane Toys action figure set. This classic Superman villain first surfaced in the ’70s. He was originally Joseph Martin, a S.T.A.R. Labs scientist who suffered exposure to nuclear radiation. This accident resulted in him emitting nuclear explosions from his mouth and losing the skin and muscles on his face, thus becoming the supervillain known as Atomic Skull. Despite a brief stint as a hero, Atomic Skull returned to his villainous ways after dying and being resurrected.

McFarlane Toys brings fans the chance to own a piece of this iconic rivalry with their Gold Label series. Standing 18 centimeters tall, these articulated figures boast incredible detail and numerous joints, allowing you to pose them however you like. The set’s highlight is an eye-catching translucent base shaped like nuclear flames, perfect for staging an epic battle between the two characters. Each figure comes with interchangeable hands and its own smaller circular base, offering the option to display them individually or part of their dynamic diorama.

In this set, Superman sports a classic comic book look, complete with vibrant colors, red trunks, and a yellow belt—steering away from the more recent cinematic adaptations. Atomic Skull, meanwhile, embodies the second iteration from the comics, complete with his technological armor—necessary to contain his nuclear abilities—and his terrifying, flaming skull. True to McFarlane’s style, each action figure is accompanied by a collector’s card featuring artwork and details about the character.

This duo of figurines is more than just a collector’s delight; they symbolize the ongoing legacy of Superman in popular culture and the exciting potential for his cinematic future. Fans can anticipate an action-packed, visually stunning ride with “Superman Legacy,” which will seek to fly higher than its predecessors and bring a new era of DC superhero splendor to viewers and collectors alike.

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