Super Smash Bros. Creator Still Making Games


Masahiro Sakurai recently revealed in his latest YouTube video that he is working on more than just his channel. It has been two years and two months since the release of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and Sakurai’s announcement has left fans eagerly anticipating what he has in store next.

After the immense success of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Sakurai had no period of rest and went straight into working on new projects. Considering his significant involvement in each game and its added content, a well-deserved vacation for Sakurai seemed to be on the cards. But his recent announcement hints at something big on the horizon.

In his latest YouTube video titled “Creators Change, Too [Grab Bag],” Sakurai discusses how many video game developers he worked with are now dedicating themselves to other things. He mentions that fans’ desire to see these developers return is understandable, but that they are happy in their new lives. This sparked concerns among his audience, but Sakurai quickly reassured everyone that he would continue creating video games alongside his new YouTube venture.

The big question now is, what game is Sakurai working on? As of now, there has been no announcement for a game on the Nintendo Switch that bears his signature. However, it’s worth noting that Bandai Namco recently established a new large studio dedicated entirely to developing games for Nintendo.

Sakurai’s name has been closely associated with three major game franchises – Kirby, Kid Ikarus, and Super Smash Bros. This leaves fans speculating about the possibility of a new installment in any of these series.

Despite Sakurai’s comments about the difficulty of taking Super Smash Bros. even further than its current state, he has not entirely ruled out the possibility of a new installment. His history of surprises and unpredictability further fuels the speculation surrounding his next project.

With so much excitement and anticipation surrounding Sakurai’s upcoming venture, fans are eagerly awaiting any news or updates regarding his new game. And while the future remains uncertain, there’s no doubt that Sakurai’s creativity and passion for game development will continue to inspire fans worldwide.

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