Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League Disappoints on Steam Debut


The reaction to Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League has been mixed in the community. While some have disliked its game-as-a-service format from the start, many DC Comics fans have been drawn to this adventure since its release on February 2. However, it’s clear that its results don’t even come close to Marvel’s Avengers in terms of concurrent users. According to PCGamesN, the recent game from Rocksteady has less than half of the simultaneous players compared to Crystal Dynamics’ superhero title.

During their first days on the market, Marvel’s Avengers achieved a maximum peak of 29,916 simultaneous players, while Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League only brought together 12,667. PCGamesN’s analysis compared the figures achieved by both games during their final launches, despite the versions acquired by the players, showing that the community is less interested in the new superhero adventure than in Marvel’s Avengers.

Despite the lower number of concurrent players, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is leaving players with positive feelings. Steam ratings show that users are enjoying the latest Rocksteady game, with a “Very Positive” rating based on 2,584 reviews at the time of writing.

Additionally, some individual opinions from 3DGames highlight that the internet’s negative view of the game may be exaggerated, and a comparison with Batman: Arkham Knight demonstrates the differences between the two games. Overall, while the game may not have as many players as Marvel’s Avengers, it is still receiving positive feedback from those who have played it.

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