Suicide Squad Developer Exposes Hate Messages from ‘Fans’


Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League has sparked mixed opinions, and also a lot of hate: a developer shows the hate messages received.

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League, the new game from Rocksteady, creators of Batman Arkham Knight, has generated very mixed feelings among those brave enough to buy it, despite the criticism received, even months before its release.

Unfortunately, negativity tends to prevail on social media, and haters have no filter or restraint.

Hayley B., a developer at Lucid Games, who previously worked on Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League at Rocksteady, posted a message on Twitter celebrating that people playing it were having a great time.

However, the message was flooded with hate comments, so much so that she had to close the replies (although she didn’t delete the tweet).

Hate on social media for Suicide Squad

The developer shared her disappointment on Twitter about the immense amount of people who went all out to bash the game, saying “your game is woke trash”, “everyone should be fired”, “you gave away free copies for fake positive reviews”, that they did it only for “gays” or telling her to get another job at Uber Eats.

Basically, the typical cyberbullying, aimed at a developer who just wanted to share her excitement for the game she had worked on.

In our analysis of Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League, we actually told you that the game is better than expected, and it’s very fun and funny, despite all “that layer of rewards, weapons with number percentages and seasons full of promises.”

For now, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League will receive a year of content with new characters, levels, and challenges, on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. One of its characters has already been accidentally leaked…

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