Succession Production Company Tapped for Franchise Reboot


The Wizarding World is getting closer to its rebirth on HBO and with JK Rowling as supervisor.

Warner and HBO have one of the most anticipated reboots in recent years: Harry Potter. Fans of the Wizarding World will relive from the beginning the adventures of the wizard who one day defeated Voldemort, and although the actors who will join the series are still unknown, it seems that the production company has begun to make moves to begin production as soon as possible.

According to what Deadline has been able to tell, HBO would be close to signing the showrunner of the series. Currently there are three great candidates, but without a doubt, the great favorite is Francesca Gardiner, who recently won an Emmy for her role as producer on Succession, one of the most awarded series in recent years.

This candidacy began a few months ago with several high-profile producers, including Martha Hillier, Kathleen Jordan, Tom Moran and Michael Leslie. Now, the list is reduced to three people, and we will most likely meet the new head of the series officially in the coming weeks.

Thus, HBO plans to begin production on the first season of Harry Potter this same year. The intention is, like the movies, to cover one book for each season and offer more depth to the characters and the universe of the Wizarding World, something that could not be done fully in the movies for obvious reasons.

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