Subnautica 2: The Misunderstanding of the Anticipated Survival Game


The announcement of Subnautica 2 was a surprise for many, but it also left a bittersweet taste. In the financial report of Krafton, the company that will distribute the video game, there was information that pointed to a big change in the business model of the title or its operation. However, the developers have issued an official statement clarifying that there will be no big changes regarding the business model or monetization with respect to the first delivery or to Subnautica: Below Zero.

The creators of Subnautica 2 have emphasized that the game won’t exactly be a game as a service. They plan to update the title for many years, just as they did with the previous games in the saga, without Season Passes, Battle Passes, or subscriptions. Additionally, the game will not be focused on multiplayer, making cooperative play completely optional.

It is unclear what caused the misunderstanding between Unknown Worlds and Krafton, as the publisher did not even clarify the release date. The company has stated that they do not plan to start Early Access in 2024 and it is most likely that the title will arrive in 2025, more than ten years since the Early Access of the first installment and more than five since Below Zero.

Many Subnautica fans were relieved to hear the news, encouraging the developer to move away from using the “game as a service” concept. This concept is often associated with experiences that have a specific business model focusing on the sale of complementary elements such as cosmetics, new characters, or new content.

Overall, in terms of business model, Subnautica 2 won’t be much different from the original, which was reassuring to many fans.

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