Stylish and affordable t-shirts for gaming enthusiasts


Video games have transcended beyond consoles or computers, with television series, books, and merchandising products being based on them. Uniqlo has a collection of t-shirts based on two popular sagas, Street Fighter and Tekken. The collection includes 6 t-shirts at an attractive price.

The first t-shirt is dedicated to Street Fighter’s iconic character, Ryu. The dark gray t-shirt features the classic logo of the saga on the back and a small Ryu doing a Shoryuken on the front, available for 19.90 euros.

For those who prefer a more retro look, there is a completely white t-shirt with the Street Fighter II logo on the front and a sketch representing a fight scene between Ryu and Honda on the back, available for 19.90 euros.

The Tekken retro t-shirt is dark gray and features elements from the first Tekken game, including a miniature Kazuya on the front and other characters from the roster of the first game on the back, available for 19.90 euros.

The second installment of the Tekken saga is represented with a t-shirt starring the character King, along with the Tekken 2 logo on the back, priced at 19.90 euros.

For fans of the Tekken saga, a blue t-shirt with the logos of the main installments of the Tekken saga, including the Tekken Tag Tournament, and the logo of the new Tekken 8 on both the back and the front, is available for 19.90 euros.

Based on the latest title in the Street Fighter saga, a dark blue t-shirt with the game logo on the front and the character Luke, a prominent figure in the sixth installment, priced at 19.90 euros.

Additionally, Uniqlo offers super deals on PC products, including the PcCom Silver AMD Ryzen 5 5500, PcCom Silver √Člite AMD Ryzen 5 5500, and PcCom Tempest PC Lite Intel Core i5-10400F, but availability and prices may vary.

This collection of Uniqlo t-shirts is perfect for fans of Street Fighter and Tekken, providing a variety of options to choose from. Image credit goes to Capcom, Bandai Namco, 3DJuegos, and Uniqlo.

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