Streamer trolls League of Legends in protest


A League of Legends player has begun mass trolling games in protest against the changes implemented by Riot Games over the last few months. The player uses a bot to play on multiple accounts simultaneously, ruining the gaming experience for hundreds of users each day. This behavior is being broadcast live, and the player attempts to justify their actions, blaming Riot Games for their bad decisions. However, the real victims are the users who simply want to enjoy the game.

The player motivated their actions by expressing dissatisfaction with the changes made by Riot Games, targeting a specific employee of the company in the champion selection phase with a message intended to disrupt the game. This has caused significant frustration for players and also led to a harassment campaign against the Riot Games worker. Additionally, the accounts used by the player appear to have been stolen or purchased from other individuals.

Riot Games has also been criticized for their inadequate systems for detecting and punishing trolls. While obvious cases of trolling are addressed, it seems that semi afk users who have little impact on the game slip through the cracks. The bot was able to play 34 games on the same account before being banned, and in many of these games, it failed to cause significant damage to enemies.

However, the situation will likely become more challenging for this player once the Vanguard anti-cheat system is implemented in League of Legends. Although the system’s arrival is controversial due to concerns about privacy, it is expected to effectively reduce the number of bots present in the game. Once the system detects an AI-controlled character or a cheater, the game will be ended in a tie, and the offender will face severe punishment.

Twitter Post:

“It’s unacceptable for a player to disrupt the gaming experience for others in protest against the game’s changes. Riot Games needs to take immediate action to address this issue. #LeagueOfLegends #Gaming”

The above comments provide a glimpse into the sentiment of the gaming community regarding this issue, and the continued impact on the League of Legends community.

Overall, the situation highlights the challenges faced by game developers in addressing the disruptive behavior of players and the need for robust systems for detecting and penalizing such actions. The implementation of the Vanguard anti-cheat system is a step in the right direction, and its success will be closely monitored by the gaming community.

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