Stream Oscar-Nominated Films: Your Ultimate Guide


It’s that time of year again when the glitz and glamour of the film industry take center stage – the much-anticipated Oscar Awards 2024. Slated for March 10th at the illustrious Dolby Theater in Los Angeles, this year marks the 96th edition of the historic gala. The list of nominees has been revealed, showcasing a diverse array of films, documentaries, shorts, and skilled film professionals who all share the dream of clinching that coveted golden statuette.

For those who have yet to catch up on the nominated movies, there’s still time. But where to start? Let’s break down where you can find these cinematic gems across various streaming platforms so you don’t miss out on any potential award winners.

**Exploring the Streaming Universe for Oscar-Nominated Films**

*On the Lookout for Barbie*
If you’re in the mood for something playful and vibrant, you can stream ‘Barbie’ on HBO Max and Movistar Plus+.

*Finding Oppenheimer*
Although ‘Oppenheimer’ isn’t on streaming services just yet, you can rent or purchase it to enjoy a cinematic spectacle.

*Moonlit Adventures with The Moon Killers*
Head over to Apple TV+ to watch ‘The Moon Killers,’ ready to whisk you away to a surreal adventure.

*American Drama with American Fiction*
Unfortunately, ‘American Fiction’ isn’t up for streaming or in cinemas right now.

*The Drama of Anatomy of a Fall*
Eager to see ‘Anatomy of a Fall’? Your best bet is to check the movie out in theaters.

*Experiencing Those Who Stay*
For a more intimate viewing experience, ‘Those who stay’ is also one to watch on the big screen.

*Mystery Awaits with Master*
Craving a bit of suspense? ‘Master’ is waiting for you on Netflix.

*The Anticipation of Poor Creatures*
‘Poor Creatures’ promises to intrigue and it’s hitting theaters on January 26.

*A Journey through Past Lives*
Revel in the nostalgic drama of ‘Past Lives’ on Movistar Plus+.

*Secretive Thrills in The Zone of Interest*
‘The Zone of Interest’ remains a mystery itself, as it’s not available on streaming platforms yet.

*Fantasy Encounters with The Boy and the Heron*
Similarly, ‘The Boy and the Heron’ has yet to make its appearance on streaming services.

*Web-Slinging Action in Spider-Man: Crossing the Multiverse*
Superhero fans can join the web-slinger on his latest adventure on Movistar Plus+.

*Robotic Dreams in Robot Dreams*
Looking for a futuristic fix? ‘Robot Dreams’ isn’t available for streaming at the moment.

*Animating Magic with Nimona*
For a blend of animation and fantasy, dive into ‘Nimona’ on Netflix.

*Elemental Explorations*
Disney+ has you covered with ‘Elemental’ for those who love animated tales with a touch of heart.

*Chilling Tales with The Snow Society*
Another Netflix find, ‘The Snow Society’ is ready for viewers seeking a snowy mystery.

*Inside the Teachers’ Room*
Though ‘Teachers’ Room’ isn’t streaming anywhere just yet, keep an eye out for future releases.

*Embark on a Voyage with I, Captain*
‘I, Captain’ also waits in the wings, not currently available on streaming platforms.

*Discovering Perfect Days*
If you prefer the cinema atmosphere, ‘Perfect Days’ is one to watch in theaters.

**Where the Rest of the Oscar-Nominated Films Are Streaming**

And the list goes on! Here’s where you can find more Oscar gems:

-‘Rustin’ on Netflix, sharing a tale of historical significance and courage.
-‘Nyad’ also on Netflix, presenting a story of athletic endurance and the human spirit.
‘The Color Purple’ isn’t streaming just yet, but it’s worth keeping an eye out for its powerful narrative.
‘Secrets of a Scandal’ remains under wraps, but certainly sounds tantalizing.
‘Count’ on Netflix offers drama and intrigue for those who seek it.
‘Napoleon’ is only available for rental at the moment, but it promises to be epic.
‘Golda’, ‘The Creator’, and ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3’ are among others that aren’t ready to stream but suggest exciting prospects.
‘Mission Impossible: Mortal Sentence – Part 1’ can be followed on Movistar Plus+.
With ‘Godzilla: Minus One’, another big-screen behemoth awaits its streaming debut.
Disney+ will soon allow you to explore ‘Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny’, for an archaeological adventure.
‘Flamin’Hot: The Story of Hot Cheetos’ also on Disney+, serves up a story that’s as spicy as its subject.

There you have it, a bounty of films to explore before the grand night of the Oscars. Whether through online platforms or a night out at the movies, there’s plenty to keep you in the loop with the year’s most celebrated films. Happy watching!

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