Stores in Europe to Cease Selling Xbox Games


There are many players who are very fond of the physical format of video games. In fact, there are users who decide not to buy certain products if they are only launched in the digital stores. Between PlayStation, Nintendo and Xbox, the company that sells the least in European stores is Microsoft. Those from Redmond are aware of this, and that is why certain information is already circulating that it could soon reduce the presence of physical Xbox games at retailers.

This information has been shared by the popular journalist Christopher Dring, from, who shares sales from Europe and the United Kingdom every week. On the Microcast podcast he noted: “A major publisher told me just before Christmas that, across Europe, several stores have stopped including Xbox. Therefore, some have begun to stop selling games de Xbox.”

The reason for this is because “Xbox is a tan digital console that the physical performance of the games is really low.” This is something that does not benefit the retailer. “Ultimately, when you sell a console where most people download games, It doesn’t benefit the store much”, he indicates (in statements collected by VGC. Dring clarifies that he has not been able to corroborate which stores these are. “I have not found which retailers they are, but a high-level European editorial chief told me,” he says.

A digital Xbox Series X may be possible

In August of last year, some documents were leaked by mistake indicating that Microsoft would be working on a new Xbox Series only in digital games, more efficient, cylindrical design and 2 TB of storage. On the other hand, a few days ago we reported bad news for fans of physical video games, as it was confirmed that Hellblade 2 It will be released only digitally.

On the latter, Jez Corden of Windows Central reported in your X account which in the gigantic wave of layoffs at Microsoft also caused the closure of the Department in charge of bringing Xbox ones to stores. “If you’ve seen the digital-only Xbox console leaks…well, you can get an idea of ​​where Microsoft is going here.”

Afterwards, the journalist clarifies another post the following: “The reduction of retail equipment does not confirm that Microsoft is going to stop selling Xbox games in physical format. Therefore, do not rely on this to claim that Xbox abandons physical sales. But it seems to be the trajectory of the industry,” he said.

The physical format is dying

It is a reality that the physical format is dying, since the latest annual report from Games Industry indicated that only the 5% of video games sold in 2023 include disc. This is a year-on-year decrease of 3.8%, which shows which direction the industry is heading. In fact, the United Kingdom received a mortal blow in this regard since the TESCO supermarket chain, with 2,800 stores, stopped selling games throughout the country in this format.

Recently we also received bad news for second-hand video games, as GAME would be about to stop allowing the purchase and sale of physical securities in the United Kingdom. Fortunately in our country everything will continue as normal, but this is news that many players do not like. Months ago a specialist revealed in which year the physical video game market will die and, if true, there are not many years left for that to happen.

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