Stellar Blade Unveils Launch Date with Thrilling Trailer


Are you ready for an epic journey through a science fiction universe teeming with action and exploration? Get set for ‘Stellar Blade,’ the much-anticipated title that recently flaunted several minutes of new gameplay during Sony’s State of Play. This game spells excitement with its style, which echoes the vibes of ‘NieR Automata.’ Mark your calendars for April 26, because that’s when ‘Stellar Blade’ launches exclusively on PS5.

Now, let’s talk about the PlayStation Plus lineup for February 2024, and trust me, it’s looking amazing! PlayStation Plus Essential subscribers are in for a triple treat. While we had a hunch that Foamstars, the creative endeavor by Square Enix, would make an appearance upon the subscription’s kick-off, there were a couple spots left to fill. The first to roll in is ‘Rollerdrome’ (available for both PS5 and PS4), a fresh release from the acclaimed Roll7 team. Shifting gears from skateboards to skates and a cache of firearms, the protagonist skates through swarms of enemies. Given its stellar reception in 2022, this is one title you shouldn’t skate past.

Next up, ‘Steelrising’ (for PS5) is ready to steal the spotlight. The Soulslike genre has inspired numerous games, and Spiders has hitched a ride on this trend by infusing those beloved mechanics into a game overflowing with a unique visual identity. Picture this: a twisted iteration of the French Revolution, where automatons are an intrinsic part of society—until chaos ensues. If you’re into challenging, immersive gameplay, ‘Steelrising’ is a must-play.

Let’s circle back to ‘Foamstars’ (also available on PS5 and PS4). Often likened to Square Enix’s take on Splatoon, it swaps out ink-splatting with foam cannons, which literally transform the arena into a foamy mess. The Luchaespuma tournament beckons, ensuring that the 4vs4 matches bring a foamy frenzy to the neon-lit streets of Burbópolis.

These games will grace the PlayStation Plus service starting February 6 and will be available for redemption until March 4. Before the new games roll in, don’t forget to grab January’s selection while you still can: ‘A Plague Tale Requiem’ (PS5), ‘Evil West’ (PS5, PS4), and ‘Nobody Saves the World’ (PS5, PS4). Remember, once you snag these games, they’re yours for keeps as long as you maintain your PS Plus membership.

So there you have it, fellow gamers! With these additions to PlayStation Plus, there’s an array of adventures and thrills waiting for you just around the corner. Load up your console, claim your games, and prepare for an exhilarating February filled with worlds to conquer, battles to win, and stories to unfold. Happy gaming!

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