Stellar Blade PS5: Action-Packed Gameplay Revealed


Stellar Blade has left fans of titles like NieR Automata with good feelings and has now detailed when we will take to complete its main story and how long it will take us to complete it 100%.

Presented a while ago as a PS5 exclusive, the South Korean game Stellar Blade made it clear that it is a proposal worth considering with an extended trailer in the past State of Play. Many are looking forward to its release on April 26.

Since the release date is not so far away, the creators of Stellar Blade have revealed countless details about the game, such as its inspirations from NieR Automata, Bayonetta, and Sekiro… but there is more to reveal.

How long does Stellar Blade last?

Shift Up, the company in charge of the development, together with the executive director and game director, Kim Hyeong-tae, has discussed the duration. In an interview with RULIWEB (via NoisyPixel), Hyeong-tae confirmed that the main story of Stellar Blade can be completed in about 25 hours.

For those looking to complete 100% of the game, the duration will extend to 30-50 hours depending on the pace of the game and skill. On the other hand, the director confirmed that the game’s delay was not due to problems discovered by Sony, but to the “polishing process” of it.

“It is not that problems were discovered during the inspection process, but the release was delayed a bit due to the polishing process. The expected playtime is about 25 hours for the main story and 30 to 50 hours for all collection items”.

This duration is usually a standard average for games of this type. Japanese soulslike and hack and slash games usually offer similar “footage”. Excited to know more about this Stellar Blade? South Korea is on a roll in terms of video game development.

And it is that Stellar Blade wants to replicate the success of another great production that has come out of the Asian country. We are talking about Lies of P, whose collaboration with Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty already has a release date and has already revealed its content through a new trailer.

Moreover, Stellar Blade will arrive on PS5 due to the creator’s desire to launch an exclusive game for a Sony console. In an interview, the executive commented that it had been his dream for many years. Now it is time to wait and see how the hack and slash proposal turns out.

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