Stellar Blade Director Honored by Nier: Automata Comparisons


Get ready for an electrifying addition to the PlayStation 5 library coming in 2024! The highly anticipated exclusive is none other than “Stellar Blade,” an action-packed adventure that packs a punch with its hack & slash gameplay, drawing inspiration from celebrated titles like “Bayonetta,” “Nier: Automata,” and “Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.”

Hyung-Tae Kim, the creative force behind “Stellar Blade,” is flattered by comparisons to these genre-defining games, especially when paralleled with the work of Yoko Taro. As a self-proclaimed “big fan” of Taro’s game, Kim muses over the influence “Nier” has had on his development process. To be spoken of as the “Korean Nier” fills him with a sense of pride and homage to a title that has been a fundamental source of inspiration for him and his work.

Kim addresses the sensitivity surrounding the issue of plagiarism in the gaming industry by emphasizing the uniqueness of “Stellar Blade.” He assures fans that while there may be a nod to games that have paved the way, anyone who dives into “Stellar Blade” will encounter a gameplay experience that stands on its own merits, distinct in its right. He expresses gratitude for the flattering references and is proud of the game’s potential label as the “Korean Nier,” recognizing the significance such influence bears.

In discussing the visual style of “Stellar Blade,” Kim acknowledges the aesthetic similarities to the Korean MMO “Black Desert.” For Kim, the visual identity of his creation is a reflection of his heritage and cannot be devoid of the regional artistry inherent to South Korea. The team strives to craft a unique style that balances realism with slightly exaggerated character designs, imbuing their game with an idiosyncratic charm.

To the delight of gaming enthusiasts and PlayStation devotees, “Stellar Blade” is set to make its grand entrance onto the PS5 stage on April 26, as announced in a previous “State of Play.” Mark your calendars, as this is one gaming experience you won’t want to miss!

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