Stellar Blade director discusses divisive protagonist design


The controversy surrounding the design of the protagonist of Stellar Blade

The controversy surrounding the design of the protagonist of Stellar Blade has reached the game’s director, who has explained the reasons for bringing this design to the highly anticipated Korean action game.

Stellar Blade will arrive on April 26th on PS5 and after a State of Play where the game was showcased in more detail, many more details about its action proposal have been revealed. The game’s director has spoken about an increasingly commented-upon topic.

Obviously, the most recent trailer for Stellar Blade has made it clear that we are going to see a lot of Eve’s backside, the game’s protagonist. The character’s design has sparked all kinds of comments among players.

Some are pleased with the proportions, while others accuse Shift Up (the Korean studio responsible for the development) of unnecessarily sexualizing Eve. Amid the commenting frenzy, the game director’s own opinion has emerged.

In statements to GamesRadar +, the game director Hyung-Tae Kim, first pointed out that Eve’s design is based on the Korean model Shin Jae-eun. Second, the director wanted to explain the supposed reason for designing her this way.

“When it comes to design, we pay special attention to the character’s backside because the player is always looking from behind when playing,” Kim noted. “That’s what they see the most, so we thought this was quite important.”

The director indicated that he prefers to create handsome and attractive characters in his games. “Honestly, when I play, I would like to see someone who is more handsome than me. That’s what I want. I don’t want to see something normal; I want to see something more ideal.”

“I think that is very important in a form of entertainment. After all, this is entertainment aimed at adults,” he continued, pointing out that an ideal design is “someone who can show their own charms and attractiveness without harming the narrative or setting of the game.”

So there you have it, that is the reason why Eve is designed this way, according to the game director, who already has a history of designing characters with exaggerated attributes such as the game Goddess of Victory: Nikke.

As for Stellar Blade, the game has unveiled its different editions and is now available to pre-order on PS5. It has also detailed the game’s duration, confirming that we have hours of hack and slash guaranteed.

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