Stellar Blade: Attractive Protagonist and Director’s Preferences


The launch of Stellar Blade, a game developed by Shift Up Korean studio and edited by Sony, is only a few weeks away. Many have seen the game at PlayStation events and are eagerly anticipating its release. It has been revealed that this science fiction title is partially inspired by NieR: Automata and other similar works, while some players have also noted the protagonist’s resemblance to Eve.

The game’s director, Hyung-Tae Kim, recently explained the reasons behind designing the attractive protagonist, Eve. He emphasized that special attention was paid to the character’s back as players often see this perspective the most while playing. Kim also admitted that when he plays, he prefers to see someone who is more attractive than himself, emphasizing the importance of an ideal character design in entertainment. He also highlighted the importance of a character being able to display their charms and attractions without detracting from the game’s atmosphere or narrative.

Kim further elaborated on Eve’s character development, stating that she evolves as the game’s narrative progresses, taking on more burdens and making important decisions. As the story unfolds, she becomes more human and displays a wider range of emotions, moving from a soldier-like character to one who shows more emotion. Stellar Blade is set to be released exclusively for PS5 on April 26, with a later release on PC.

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