Stay Updated: Discover the Latest Xbox Game Pass Feature


Hey Xbox gamers! Get ready for a fantastic update from Microsoft that’ll change how you keep track of your favorite games on Xbox Game Pass. Pretty soon, you’ll know precisely when games are leaving the service, so you won’t be caught off guard anymore!

In an easy-to-digest announcement, Microsoft has let us in on one of the upcoming features heading to Xbox Game Pass – a highly requested tool that’ll give subscribers clear info about when a game’s time is up on the service. Microsoft mentioned, “When an upcoming Xbox Game Pass title is released, a random subset of users will see that we’ve re-enabled a new dialog that will tell them exactly when it’s coming out. Plus, they’ll get an easy way to buy the game and keep playing, even after it leaves the Game Pass library.”

Up until now, Xbox Game Pass did show which games were about to take a bow and exit the catalog. However, the info wasn’t always front and center for every user. This new feature aims to fix that by making it super obvious that you’ve still got time to enjoy those games. And, don’t forget – there’s that sweet 20% discount on game purchases that comes with being a subscriber. No word yet on when this feature will hit, so we’re all playing the waiting game to see it in action.

Now, let’s shift gears and talk about the explosive start Xbox Game Pass is having in 2024. They’re delivering high-quality titles with genre variety to kick off the new year in style. Race fans, rev up! You’re getting “F1 23,” touted as one of the best titles ever in the world of international motorsport gaming. This is something you don’t want to miss if you’re into speed and precision on the track.

For those of you who love immersive worlds, “Palworld,” the big hit of 2024, is there for you right from day one – only on Xbox Game Pass. Imagine jumping into this Pocketpair title’s universe and experiencing all the wonders it’s packed with.

And if your gaming tastes are a touch nostalgic, February’s coming with “Persona 3 Reload.” It’s the remastered version of one of the most adored games in the series – the game that really put the Shin Megami Tensei spin-off on the map.

To sum it up, Xbox Game Pass users, get ready for an experience that’s about to get a whole lot better. Whether you’re planning your next gaming session or diving into the latest titles, Microsoft’s got your back with more transparency and a slammin’ lineup for 2024. Keep gaming, folks!

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