State of Play 2024 Reveal: Date & Viewing Guide


In the exciting world of gaming, all eyes are now turning towards Sony following Microsoft’s Xbox Developer Direct. The Japanese gaming giant has stepped up to unveil its very first State of Play event for the year 2024. This highly anticipated showcase promises to be quite the spectacle, offering insights and firm release dates for the PlayStation 5’s most eagerly awaited exclusive titles for the coming year. So grab your gaming gear, and let’s delve into the details of what Sony has in store for us!

Set your reminders: the first State of Play of 2024 is set to light up screens on January 31, 2024, at 11:00 PM Spanish time. It’s going to be a packed hour of thrilling gaming news, and you won’t want to miss a second. Fans around the globe can tune in to catch the event live at various times, depending on where you are:

– In Spain (both mainland and the Balearic Islands), it’s an 11:00 PM kind of night.
– The Canary Islands can catch the action at 10:00 PM.
– Over in Argentina, set your sights for 6:00 PM.
– Bolivia gets in on the excitement at 5:00 PM.
– Brazil joins the fun at 8:00 PM.
– Chile gamers, 6:00 PM is your time to shine.
– Colombia and Ecuador will both be tuning in at 4:00 PM.
– Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua, get ready for a 3:00 PM event.
– Over to North America, Washington DC can dive in at 5:00 PM, with PT enjoying the show at 2:00 PM.
– Mexico logs on at 4:00 PM.
– Panama, Peru, and the Dominican Republic, your screens light up at 4:00 PM.
– Puerto Rico prepares for excitement at 5:00 PM.
– Paraguay, mark your calendars for 5:00 PM.
– Uruguay, the same exciting content streams at 6:00 PM.
– And Venezuela rounds out our list with a 5:00 PM viewing.

Want to immerse yourself in the event? The official PlayStation channel on YouTube is the place to be, and you can also stay updated via their various social media networks. After the event concludes, head over to MeriStation, where you’ll find a comprehensive breakdown of all the announcements along with some heated discussions.

So, what gaming goodness can we anticipate from this showcase? Sony has already whetted our appetites with the confirmation that we’ll be treated to a glimpse of Rise of the Ronin—the latest action RPG from Team Ninja—as well as Stellar Blade and new adventures for PS VR2. But the promise of “other games” for the year 2024 and beyond has the rumor mill working overtime. Could we see some surprise reveals? Rest assured, Sony’s event is bound to satisfy our curiosity about what’s on the horizon for PlayStation fans.

Remember, January 31 is the date, and the State of Play is the occasion. We’re on the threshold of discovering the future gaming landscapes that will dominate our screens, so be prepared for an hour of excitement, reveals, and exhilarating gaming prospects courtesy of Sony’s State of Play. Let’s gear up to learn which virtual worlds we’ll be diving into next!

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