Starfield Eyes PS5 Release as Xbox Rethinks Exclusivity


Xbox is taking an intriguing new direction, and there are a few signs that hint at the seismic shifts happening within the gaming giant. The buzz started when it was revealed that “Hellblade 2” would only be available as a digital download. This move had gamers everywhere whispering about the potential end of Xbox’s physical discs.

Then came a wave of layoffs, almost 2,000 in total, rocking Xbox and the newly acquired Activision Blizzard to their cores. And now, we’re learning about the latest development – one that points to a broader strategy at play.

The gaming community is abuzz with speculation as the insiders at XboxEra drop a hot tip: “Starfield,” the highly anticipated game from Xbox, is set to outperform the PS5. But that’s not all – there’s a kicker. “Starfield” won’t be the only game that Xbox is planning to unleash beyond its usual confines.

Here’s where it gets interesting. According to the folks at The Verge, we can expect more than just “Starfield” to grace other platforms. They tell us that “Indiana Jones and the Great Circle” will land not only on PC and Xbox but also on PS5. Similar to other recent temporary exclusives, like “Silent Hill: The Short Message,” this game will pop up on non-Xbox platforms after a short period.

What’s truly surprising, though, is that we’re talking about a first-party title, essentially a game made in-house by Microsoft, taking the leap to become multiplatform. This is big news, hinting at a whole new game plan.

Rumors are swirling, and they’re getting louder. Whispers suggest versions of popular games like “Sea of Thieves” and “Hi-Fi Rush” are PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch-bound. Even “Halo: The Master Chief Collection” might be gearing up for a grand entrance onto rival platforms. This would mark a historic moment in gaming, shaking up our understanding of exclusivity and first-party development policies.

With no official word yet, the gaming world is left to wonder what’s behind these moves. Could “Starfield” sales have been less than stellar, pushing Microsoft to adopt a different approach? Maybe they’re shifting focus away from pushing Xbox consoles, choosing to bet it all on the success of their Game Pass service instead. One thing’s for certain – all eyes are on Redmond, eager to see the shape of Xbox’s future.

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