Stallone vs. Schwarzenegger: Who’s Stronger? Nielsen Weighs In


Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger – just mentioning those names conjures up images of two of the most iconic action stars in Hollywood history. They’ve dominated the big screen with a plethora of films that have become cultural landmarks. When you think of these legends, aside from their compelling screen presence, one thing stands out – their awe-inspiring physiques that have almost taken on a life of their own.

In the action-packed world they inhabit, there’s this burning question that has tantalized fans for ages: who is the stronger of the two titans? While debates may rage on, Brigitte Nielsen, the formidable Canadian actress, model, and singer, known for her role as Ludmilla Drago in ‘Rocky IV’ (1985), has a very definitive answer to that.

During her appearance on Pablo Motos’s Spanish talk show, “El Hormiguero,” Brigitte was thrown the ultimate curveball by the show’s puppet duo, Trancas y Barrancas. The query was succinct: Stallone VS Schwarzenegger, who would emerge victorious in a duel of strength? Without a second of hesitation and with unmistakable conviction, Nielsen declared, “Arnold, of course.”

But why stop there? Let’s delve deeper into the legendary celluloid adventures of Stallone and Schwarzenegger. It’s a Herculean task to pinpoint the best movies from their illustrious careers. After all, how do you choose from such an epic tapestry of films? We’ve got Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Total Recall, and The Last Great Hero with Schwarzenegger flexing his action muscles. Then, there’s the raw power of Stallone in Rocky Balboa and Rambo (Part 1), just to scratch the surface of their portfolios.

Of course, trying to come to a consensus on which films stand atop the mountain of their combined works would be an exercise in futility. Everyone has their favorites, and let’s face it, personal taste does play a considerable role. Still, for a bit of fun, we could turn to IMDb ratings to list those films, but would that truly capture the essence of their impact on film and pop culture? Perhaps that’s something best left to individual exploration and debate.

Whether you’re in Stallone’s corner or cheering on Schwarzenegger, one thing is certain – both have left an indelible mark on cinema, and their legacies will continue to inspire awe and wonder in film enthusiasts and aspiring action heroes alike. The strength of their careers is unmeasured, not just in physical prowess but in the lasting memories they have imprinted on the hearts and minds of their legion of fans around the world. So, while Nielsen may have her opinion on who would win in a fight, the real winners have always been the audiences who bask in the glory of these two cinematic giants.

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