Square Enix’s New Game Development Method Revealed in Spring 2024


Things are changing at Square Enix, after a discreet 2023 in terms of sales. The company’s president announces an important change in software development structures.

It cannot be denied that 2023 was a mixed year for Square Enix, both in positive and negative aspects. While the sales of Final Fantasy XVI were correct, the expectations of the Japanese company were more optimistic.

It cannot be said that Square Enix had a bad year, but neither can it be said that it was ”perfect”. If we add to this the crisis that has been dragging on since the failures of Marvel’s Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy, we have a tepid moment for the gigantic publisher.

This is something that the Square Enix management is already aware of. Therefore, the new president, Takashi Kiryu, has made an important decision: to change the methods of game development.

It is not an immediate change, but it will begin to be implemented at the beginning of the next fiscal year. The idea is for Square Enix to release fewer games, but of higher quality and technical value.

At a shareholders’ meeting, the president of Square Enix has revealed new details in this regard, about what will come into effect in a couple of months.

What will Square Enix’s next games be like?

Following a disappointing 2023 for their forecasts, Takashi Kiryu believes that they must rethink their game development methods in order to generate greater profits and get out of the situation they are in.

Therefore, Square Enix’s idea is to reduce the number of releases on PC, consoles, and mobile devices, but give them more development time, a larger budget, and, ultimately, a better finish.

These measures/changes will come into effect starting on April 1, 2024, when the next fiscal year begins. They will be implemented progressively over the next few months.

Takashi Kiryu - Current CEO and President of Square Enix

This has been confirmed by Takashi Kiryu, president of Square Enix, who made the following statements (via Bloomberg Japan):

We are reviewing from scratch what the organizational structure is to materialize the contents and what is best. We will announce this spring.”

These changes will not affect Final Fantasy VII Rebirth (coming out on February 29), nor the second DLC for Final Fantasy XVI (coming this spring), but will affect titles like Kingdom Hearts 4.

Best games February

Regarding the financial results obtained in the last quarter, Square Enix maintains the usual figures in net sales. However, the sales of its digital entertainment business have fallen by 4.7%.

In addition, Square Enix’s bet is on a more marked multi-platform factor, after a few months close to Sony PlayStation. Final Fantasy 14 will arrive on Xbox this year, while Final Fantasy XVI makes the leap to PC with a port that is already in development.

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