Spy x Family: Code White – Debut Film Release Date Revealed


Get excited, anime fans! Crunchyroll is unveiling one of its most eagerly awaited secrets for the first half of 2024. The much-anticipated movie ‘Spy x Family Code: White’ has confirmed its debut on the big screen worldwide, including our very own theaters. Mark your calendars: on April 19, the film will premiere in two different versions for your viewing pleasure – you can catch the original with Japanese audio and Spanish subtitles or opt for the fully localized experience.

Now, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of the release schedule for ‘Spy x Family Code: White’:

The film will first land in cinemas across Belgium, France, and the French-speaking parts of Switzerland on April 17th, sparking the beginning of its global rollout. As we turn the page to April 18th, the anticipation builds with audiences eager for the next wave of releases.

The momentum continues as fans in Spain, the USA, and Canada can join the excitement on April 19th – the official international premiere date.

Then, after a short interlude, the international release picks up pace once more. April 23rd and April 24th will be the dates when the following countries get their chance to enjoy ‘Spy x Family Code: White’:

– Argentina
– Bolivia
– Brazil
– Central America
– Chile
– Colombia
– Costa Rica
– Curacao
– Dominican Republic
– El Salvador
– Guatemala
– Honduras
– Mexico
– Nicaragua
– Panama
– Paraguay
– Peru
– Portugal
– Serbia
– Slovenia
– Republic of Suriname
– Switzerland (in German and Italian)
– Uruguay

And if you thought the train of premieres was over, think again. On April 26th, the list of countries continues:

– Bulgaria
– Ecuador
– Finland
– Iceland
– Norway
– Sweden
– Venezuela

For the first time ever, ‘Spy x Family’ will leap off the pages and onto the silver screen in a blockbuster that’s set to dazzle. Wit Studios teams up with CloverWorks to bring us a cinematic treat directed by the talented Takashi Katagiri, who played an integral role in creating both seasons of the thrilling animated series. Prepare for an original story where we’ll see the Forger family embarking on a supposed short weekend getaway. Yor and Anya are clueless that Loid has ulterior motives to advance Operation Strix. But little do they know, Anya’s telepathic gift will uncover Loid’s real goals, accidentally pulling the family towards an incident teetering on the brink of world war.

For those who want to dive deeper into the ‘Spy x Family’ universe, you don’t need to limit yourself to comic panels. The first two action-packed seasons of the anime are available to stream on Crunchyroll as part of their subscription, perfect for catching up or refreshing your memory before the film’s release.

‘Spy x Family Code: White’ promises to be a standout cinematic event. Whether you’re a dedicated follower or new to the ‘Spy x Family’ saga, this film is shaping up to be an unforgettable adventure that will enchant audiences around the globe. So prepare to experience the thrills, laughs, and heartwarming moments of this unique family’s undercover escapades as they take their spy games to the next cinematic level.

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