Spider-Man Producer’s Plans for the Coming Years


A live-action Spider-Man movie centered on Miles Morales remains on the back burner for Sony

Over the past few years, Spider-Man has regained strength in the film industry thanks, above all, to the appearance of Miles Morales. The animated films centered on this version of the wall-crawler have turned out to be a success and the world celebrated when Sony gave the green light to a live-action movie focused on this character. However, it seems that we will have to be patient.

Through a brief interview with Variety, Amy Pascal, former president of Sony and current main producer of the films focused on Spider-Man, commented that this live-action Miles Morales film will arrive “someday”, but first they will focus on at least two wall-crawler films before tackling this project.

“Someday. Not until we make two more Spiderverse movies,” Pascal commented to the American media. Although he did not want to specify which two films they will be, Chris Miller, director of the animated films of Spider-Man has tried to clarify these statements.

Apparently, Sony has clear plans: they will first complete the production of Spider-Man: Beyond the Multiverse, the third film in the Miles Morales animated trilogy, to then focus on Spider-Man 4 with Tom Holland as the protagonist. After this, the studio will get to work with this version of the wall-crawler in live action. Therefore, we will have to wait patiently to see how Sony handles this character.

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