Spanish Wordle with Accents – Jan 31: Hints & Answer


Are you ready to become a Wordle whiz? Well, grab your thinking cap because we’re diving into today’s challenges, perfect for a friendly midweek brain teaser. On this bright Wednesday, looking right beyond the frosty window, we’re unraveling the puzzles for the 31st of January. Not only will we explore the regular Wordle’s challenge (number 755), where you’ve got to guess a 5-letter word in six attempts or less, but we’ll also peek at its intriguing variations—the accent challenge and the scientific one. So cozy up with a hot beverage and let’s get those mental gears spinning with tips, tricks, and all the clues you’ll need to triumph in the fewest tries possible!

First up, it’s the standard Wordle’s puzzle for the day, and I’ve got five helpful hints to guide you to the answer:

1. The word is a mix of three vowels and two consonants.
2. It kicks off with the letter P.
3. There’s a J nestled in there.
4. One of the vowels makes an encore appearance.
5. Picture yourself driving; it’s the fee you pay on specific roads.

Next on the agenda is the Wordle with accents—the challenge is to pinpoint a word that marches to the beat of its unusual rhythm. Here are your five keys to unlocking it:

1. Comprising four vowels and three consonants, it’s vowel-heavy.
2. It starts boldly with an A.
3. The accent mark lands confidently on the third letter.
4. Two of the vowels are like twins—identical.
5. It’s the word you’d use for something that doesn’t fit the norm, something that stands out as being quite rare.

After that, we have the Wordle with a scientific twist. If you’re ready to put on your lab coat, here are the final five clues for the day:

1. The word holds two vowels with three consonants completing the formula.
2. L is where it all begins.
3. S is part of the scientific equation.
4. It concludes with an N at the end.
5. It’s a term that might make you wince—think “ouch.”

Now that you’re armed with all these leads, it’s time to reveal the words you’ve been working towards:

– Drum roll, please… today’s word in the classic Wordle challenge is “Toll.”
– If you’ve been pondering the Wordle with an accent, the word you’re looking for is “Atypical.”
– And as for the Scientific Wordle, the term of the day is “Injury.”

There you have it, fellow word detectives. With these solutions in hand, you’re now equipped to sail through any Wordle storm that comes your way, today or any other day. Remember, every new Wordle puzzle is a fresh opportunity to test your vocabulary and puzzle-solving savvy. So go ahead, challenge a friend, or simply see if you can outdo yourself with each new game. Happy word-hunting!

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