Spanish Wordle: Scientific Accents – Jan 26 Clues & Solution


If you’re a fan of the popular word puzzle game Wordle, then you’re in for a treat! We’ve got today’s challenges all lined up for you, complete with hints and solutions to help you maintain that winning streak. It’s Friday, January 26, and for today’s classic Wordle puzzle (number 750), your task is to guess a daily 5-letter word in six tries or fewer.

But why stop there? For those who love a good twist, we’ve also got the accent challenge and the scientific Wordle for you to tackle! Don’t worry if you find yourself stuck; we’re here to give you clever pointers and general tips to crack these brain-teasers in record time.

Let’s dive into the solution for challenge number 750 from January 26, 2023. Here are five handy clues to help you uncover the mystery word of the day in Wordle:

1. Our word contains three vowels and two consonants.
2. It starts with the letter A, and interestingly, this A is also the final letter.
3. A T is one of the letters in the word.
4. Grammatically speaking, it’s a verb in the present tense, and it refers to the third person singular.
5. Think actions—specifically, an activity that denotes working or doing something.

Eager to know today’s word for the classic Wordle? It’s “actúa,” which means “takes action.”

Now, for those who relish an extra layer of complexity, let’s look at the Wordle challenge 697 with accents from January 26, 2023. We have another set of five keys to unlock the word that includes a sneaky accent:

1. There are three vowels and three consonants in this word.
2. It kicks off with the letter F.
3. Prepare your detective hat because the accent hides in the second letter.
4. An S is part of the puzzle.
5. To nudge you in the right direction, this word is related to something physical in nature, contrasting with the moral or ethical realm.

Have you made your guess? The word with an accent for today is “físico,” which translates to “physicist.”

Lastly, we can’t forget our science enthusiasts! For the scientific Wordle number 684, dated January 26, 2023, here’s the final batch of clues aimed to aid you in finding the scientific term of the day:

1. It’s a mix of three vowels and four consonants.
2. The word sets out with the letter G.
3. You will encounter a D somewhere within.
4. It wraps up with the letter O.
5. It’s a term used to describe any carbohydrate, whether it’s glucose or a glycoside.

Ready for the revelation? Today’s scientific Wordle answer is “glúcido,” which means “carbohydrate.”

Wordle really knows how to keep things interesting with its varied challenges, doesn’t it? Whether the standard Wordle leaves you hungry for more, or you’re curious to see how you fare with accents and scientific terms, there’s fun for everyone. Remember that every puzzle is an opportunity to learn, sharpen your mind, and have a blast while you’re at it. Keep these clues in mind the next time you play, and may your Wordle endeavors be victorious!

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