Spain Shines in Graphic Adventures: Neon Blood’s Debut Trailer


Get ready to dive into the vibrant and gritty world of Spain’s video game industry! Spain has carved a niche for itself with an impressive lineup of graphic adventure games that have captured gamers’ hearts worldwide. Titles such as Hollywood Monsters, Crime Abbey, Randal’s Monday, and Runaway are shining examples of Spanish creativity and passion for the genre. Now, a new challenger has emerged from the bustling streets of Madrid—ChaoticBrain Studios, who are ready to make their mark with a cyberpunk twist in their upcoming title, “Welcome to Neon Blood.”

As you catch a glimpse of the game’s trailer, you’re immediately struck by the stunning mesh of 2D sprites set against intricately designed 3D environments—a technique known as 2.5D gaming. This unique approach breathes life into the game, providing depth to the settings while the pixel art meticulously sculpts the appearance of each character. The creators have masterfully blended two distinct visual styles to distinguish between the game’s twin cities: Blind City flaunts an unadulterated cyberpunk vibe, while Bright City dazzles with a futuristic look defined by science fiction themes, according to the developers in their press release.

In “Neon Blood,” players slip into the shoes of Axel McCoin, a determined detective from Blind City. Axel is a beacon of hope, vowing to combat the severe class disparities plaguing the two cities that anchor the dystopian society in which they exist. As players progress, they’ll harness the detective vision feature to interact with their surroundings. When activated, the screen plunges into darkness and only those objects with which McCoin can interact will shine through, guiding players on their investigative journey.

While “Neon Blood” remains true to its graphic adventure roots, it bravely steps into the realm of turn-based RPG combat when push comes to shove, drawing inspiration from some of the most iconic JRPGs. Players will have an arsenal of special abilities and powerful ultimate attacks at their disposal. Flexibility is the name of the game here, allowing you to adapt and choose the ideal action for each moment of battle. And let’s not forget the soundtrack – Wild Cat Records is set to deliver a score that perfectly encapsulates the game’s ethos.

“Neon Blood” is revving up for its debut, preparing to wow players on both PS5 and PC (via Steam). As anticipation builds, this game is poised to be another notch in Spain’s belt of graphic adventure successes. Join Axel McCoin on his quest for justice in this cyberpunk revolution, and keep your eyes peeled for “Neon Blood” to hit the shelves soon. This is not just another game; it’s a potential symbol of rebellion, where each choice, each battle, and each note of the soundtrack is a part of the larger struggle within a society torn by inequality. Gear up, future detectives, and get ready to immerse yourself in the neon-lit narrative that is “Neon Blood.”

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