Sony’s Priority: Organizing the New Portable PlayStation Launch


Sony is interested in offering portable consoles again, and everything indicates that it is already exploring the terrain. The PlayStation Vita sold 16 million consoles, which may not seem like a lot compared to current systems, but it’s between two and three million more than the earlier Wii U. Despite that, there are plenty of reasons not to have it in a drawer, but there is room for it to happen again.

The current situation of PlayStation is curious: there are more than 50 million PS5s sold in just over three years, but Luigi’s Mansion 3 from Switch outsells the best games from its studios. The most popular games are Call of Duty, Fortnite, and EA’s sports sagas. Additionally, there are more portable systems available from various companies that allow us to play games wherever and whenever we want.

The most significant fact is that PlayStation Portal, the PS5 remote player, has been out of stock intermittently since before its launch. Proof that media such as Insider Gaming have begun to echo that a new portable PlayStation console is being developed.

There are specific details about it, such as a custom AMD processing unit with 18 CUs, a GPU of approximately 1.8 GHz, and the capability to run PS4 games natively and enable PS5 titles by encouraging developers to update existing and upcoming games.

There are fundamental reasons why Sony is interested in releasing a new portable PlayStation. The first is that anything with the PlayStation logo sells well, and the brand is well established. The second reason is that PlayStation does not have Microsoft’s infrastructure, and Sony has a very closed ecosystem.

The logical step for Sony is to shape and launch a new portable system that not only extends the value of the brand but also allows playing the most popular games from a PlayStation platform. A new laptop would be good news, but Sony must have clear priorities with it and its reason for being: what can be played from it and the flow of new content.

The rumored compatibility with PS4 and PS5 will add substantial value to a hypothetical PlayStation laptop and will allow it to compete with what Nintendo, Valve, or ROG have in their hands. Although it is not at all unreasonable that we will see a new portable PlayStation sooner or later, Sony’s real challenge is organizing its priorities and offering new games that can excite. Not just good games, but real console sellers.

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