Sony cancels PC and PS5 release of Dreams, a unique PS4 exclusive


The trajectory of Media Molecule has been peculiar. This British studio is known for Little Big Planet, one of the most original exclusive licenses in the PlayStation ecosystem. However, with Dreams, they aspired to something bigger, and they achieved it, although it also led to a significant period of silence. This PS4 exclusive was a tribute to the creativity of the players, although it was never considered a console game. Yes, Dreams was destined to launch in PC and PS5 but these plans were canceled.

Dreams is not, nor was it at its launch, a game for all players, but it is for the most original. It is a blank canvas that allows users to create what they imagine. This innovative project is also a remake from the original game 1997, Dreams to Reality.

The relevant thing is that, apart from the PS4 version, the only one to date, Media Molecule was secretly working on a version for PS5 and PC. According to the renowned insider of the industry, Lance McDonald the study formed an additional team that completed the version of the game for PC and then worked on the version for Sony’s current generation until it was cancelled.

For unknown and undisclosed reasons, someone decided to discontinue the development of these versions, even though, as we mentioned, the PC port was ready to launch. Devastating news that seems to tie in with the end of Dreams’ life support on PS4, and with it the end of the road for the game.

Although McDonald does not confirm it, the decision to end support of the game and cancel both versions of Dreams seems to have been taken in a short period of time, something that undoubtedly relates them. Despite this setback, the study will continue. Everything indicates that this decision was part of a restructuring in anticipation of the studio’s new project, which is still unknown.

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