Silent Hill: The Short Message Surpasses 1 Million Downloads on PS5


In its first week available on PS Store, the short Silent Hill game for PS5 has reached its first sales milestone. Konami is fully satisfied with The Short Message.

We knew that the ”river” had water, in reference to the rumors about Silent Hill: The Short Message. At first, we thought it would be some kind of standalone demo of Silent Hill 2, the remake developed by Bloober Team for PS5 and PC.

However, on Wednesday, January 31st, Sony announced Silent Hill: The Short Message as a brief spin-off of the Konami saga, exclusive to PlayStation 5, with direct release.

For a week now, PS5 players can download this horror experience for FREE, which shares some similarities with the canceled Silent Hills and its P.T. demo.

While it’s not a ”complete” game, and it hasn’t garnered the best reviews on Metacritic, the popularity of Silent Hill: The Short Message for the community is not in dispute.

You can download Silent Hill: The Short Message completely for free through PS Store and enjoy this independent horror adventure on your PS5.

Brevity is a triumph for Konami

Silent Hill: The Short Message is a first-person horror experience that takes us to the fictional German town of Kettenstadt. Specifically, it is set in an abandoned apartment block, known as ”Villa”.

In the shoes of Anita, we will have to explore the apartments, looking for clues about the whereabouts of our friend, Maya. We can already tell you it’s a terrifying game.

Konami has confirmed on the official Silent Hill account that, as expected, The Short Message is one of the most downloaded contents of the week on PS Store.

Silent Hill: The Short Message has accumulated a whopping one million downloads, and that’s even though a full week hasn’t passed since its release.

It’s great news, as it shows the growing interest of players in new Silent Hill games. It’s also a small ”relief” in the face of the slight disappointment with some aspects of the gameplay of Silent Hill 2 Remake.

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For now, Silent Hill: The Short Message can only be enjoyed on PlayStation 5. Konami has confirmed that the exclusivity with Sony is for at least one year.

If you like psychological horror, are a fan of the Konami saga, and have a PS5, don’t hesitate to try Silent Hill: The Short Message. Who knows, maybe the Japanese company will also prepare a compilation of Silent Hill, as they have already done with Metal Gear Solid.

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