Silent Hill 2: Remake Trailer Sparks Negative Reactions


It has been a few days since the last trailer for Silent Hill 2 Remake was released. Players have already formed their opinions and, despite the lack of a definitive release date, it seems that the game still needs several months of polishing, especially in terms of combat and animations. This has disappointed both fans of the Silent Hill saga and investors, resulting in a negative impact on the developer studio.

According to Strefa Inwestor├│w, a Polish media outlet specializing in investments, the latest trailer for Silent Hill 2 Remake has left Bloober Team investors disappointed. As a result, the share price of the Polish studio has decreased by more than 20% since the trailer was unveiled to the public. The combat and graphics were cited as reasons for the shareholders’ dissatisfaction.

One aspect that failed to impress was the absence of a release date in the trailer. Consequently, the value of Bloober Team shares dropped from 28.30 zlotys to 22 in just a few hours. This caused the Polish company’s share price to revert to the levels it had in September of the previous year. Nonetheless, it is possible that this situation can be overcome in the coming months if investors are convinced by Bloober Team’s proposal.

The media also reported that Silent Hill 2 Remake was showcased to analysts and institutional investors behind closed doors a few days ago. The initial reception was positive, but the reaction to the second trailer released in the latest State of Play was completely different.

In summary, the latest trailer for Silent Hill 2 Remake has had a negative impact on its creators, as evidenced by the significant drop in Bloober Team’s share price. The lack of a release date and the dissatisfaction regarding combat and graphics have contributed to this reaction. It remains to be seen if the studio can rectify this situation and win back the confidence of its investors.

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