Silent Hill 2 Remake: A Comparison of Changes After 20 Years


Many players eagerly await the release of Silent Hill 2 Remake. After the latest trailer shown in the State of Play, it is clear that we still do not have a release date. However, the original game remains a cult classic within the genre, and fans are eager to see what the work of Bloober Team will bring in comparison.

Content creator Cycu1 recently uploaded a comparison to YouTube between the original Silent Hill 2 and the upcoming 2024 remake. The video showcases the changes that have been made over the past 20 years, and it seems that Bloober Team is set to deliver impressive graphics with the use of Unreal Engine 5.

In addition, the comparison merges clips that were shown when the game was presented in October 2022. It appears that Bloober Team has a great deal of respect for the original work and that minimal changes will be made to this terrifying game. However, some combat sequences have been showcased, which have not entirely convinced players, especially in terms of the animations. This has created a negative reaction within the Polish studio.

Following the release of the latest trailer, shares of Bloober Team dropped by more than 20%. Investors were disappointed with the combat, graphics, and the lack of a release date for the game. The studio reported that SH2 Remake was shown behind closed doors before the setback, and many shareholders were satisfied with what they saw.

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