Should You Avoid Using This System?


Blizzard’s Season of Discovery in the World of Warcraft universe has been widely popular with the community, leading to the announcement of its second phase. However, a significant change has been implemented, banning the widely used GDKP practice (Gold Dragon Kill Points) that is commonly used in World of Warcraft Classic.

The GDKP practice involves players participating in dungeons, auctioning off important items to the player with the highest gold bid, and distributing the collected gold among the participants. However, Blizzard has strictly prohibited this practice, promising strict consequences for those who continue to use it.

This change has been implemented in the Season of Discovery version of World of Warcraft, and Blizzard has outlined multiple methods to detect those who continue to use the GDKP system despite the ban. Violators will receive warnings and face temporary suspension or permanent account bans, as well as the withdrawal of any profits obtained through this method.

The ban also extends to the in-game chat, where any message related to the practice of GDKP will lead to penalties. Blizzard’s decision to ban the GDKP system is rooted in its disapproval of gold trading for real money, as well as the detrimental impact of an influx of gold on the game’s economy, potentially disadvantaging players who do not actively engage in the GDKP system.

The community has widely supported Blizzard’s decision to ban the GDKP practice, and it remains to be seen whether this change will be temporary or become a permanent rule in World of Warcraft.

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