Shonen Jump Postpones Series Due to Author’s Health


Boku no Hero Academia fans are showing concern for the author’s health in recent months. An unexpected illness has led to the delay of a new chapter of the Boku no Hero Academia manga by a week. The publisher announced this through its official account, stating that the episode scheduled for tomorrow has been postponed. Chapter 414 will now be released on February 19 in Japan. Unfortunately, this is not the first time the manga has experienced delays due to health issues. Kohei Horikoshi and fans have become accustomed to this situation in recent years.

A few months ago, a chapter of Boku no Hero Academia with only 7 pages caused concern among followers about the author’s health. It seems that his health has been deteriorating over the years and is not improving according to this latest news.

The Japanese mangaka is currently working on up to three different projects related to his magnum opus: the manga, which may reach its conclusion between this and next year, and the adaptations, including season 7 of the anime and a movie scheduled for the summer.

In VidaExtra, the Solo Leveling anime premiere was so highly anticipated that it caused a disruption on Crunchyroll. The biggest Pokémon controversy was quickly resolved in the first episode of the anime series.

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